Welcome to Lil JB's Pupcakes
Picture of my dog Jessie on the Home Page
"We Need ToTalk!"

I am the "J"  in the title and my name is Jessie. I was very sensitive & allergic to many of the  store bought treats so I sat down and had a chat with my owner Ronalda and my big sister Bear. The three of us  formed this company.

Everything about this company says Tail Wagging Delicious and Healthy Treats!  Ronalda takes great pride in how all of her treats are Wheat Free & Grain Free and made with Natural and Organic Ingredients. She can modify the ingredients to accomodate your pets with food allergies upon request.

Take a few minutes to look through our website and then show your dog just how much you love them! 

Don't forget about the cakes and those super tasty Lil JB's Pupcakes.....my favorites!
Wheat Free - Grain Free Treats Available - Made with Natural and Organic Ingredients - Custom Orders Available - Doggie Birthday Cakes and Doggie Birthday Bags and Doggie Ice Cream and Gift Baskets are Available. Will Modify our Ingredients to Accommodate those Pets with Food Allergies